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3D printing in education

3D printing in education

  • Additive technology and 3D printing opened unlimited fields of fancy for children, pupils and students.
  • elastic shell on the 3D printer

    Printing of protective elastic shells on the 3D printer SkyOne

    • Considered a question of 3D printing of details made from rubber-like material.
    a winch arrangement testing

    About new plastics for 3D printings

  • Testing of new plastics for 3D printing. HTW P-Carbon and HTW SBS+, 3D printing of a winch arrangement with load-carrying ability 20 kg.
  • plasic key

    Application of 3D printers in cinematography and image multiplication

    • About advantages of using 3D printers for production of stage property in cinematography.
    Easter egg

    3D - Easter, a wonder with own hands

  • 3D printing enters our life step by step. Toys and souvenirs, baking forms and brackets, sealers and couplings. A growing number of customers use 3D printers for materialization of their ideas.
  • 3D in a theater

    From printing to a theater

  • About functional possibilities of 3D printers usage in a modern theater.