RUBBER filament

RUBBER filament 750 g - 3D printer resin material

The properties of the RUBBER 3D printing filament is very close to resin. Special polymeric material make it possible to reproduce structure and properties of resin goods with help of a 3D printer. Due to its flexibility, this printing material perfectly suits for printing of rubber seals, cushions, dust-cloaks and some other car components. Rubber plastic came into common use in industry and in our everyday life.

Performance characteristics

The material combines high density and good flexibility. This allow making unique parts for cars, industrial equipment, furniture and everyday objects. RUBBER filament lets compensate with printed items for any rare details of different purposes technics. RUBBER performs long service life, resistant to oils and benzine. It is worth to mention some advantages of this filament:

As disadvantages high cost and the only one color could be mentioned. RUBBER filament can be just black color.

In the 3D modelling field the RUBBER is an unique material. If it is needed to produce a good, wich is similar in structure and properties to rubber, this filament will cope with the task.

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Filament color:

Physical and mechanical properties of the RUBBER filament: