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Industrial 3D printer SkyOne is meant for printing by up-to-date plastics with melting temperature up to 260 °С. Fused deposition modeling technology (layer-by-layer formation of an object from as fused plastic) is behind a concept of its operation. The printer is realized according a coupled design SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm), two motors control levers, which move an extruder in XY plane. Feeding along the Z axis is realized by a ballscrew transmission. Scheme SCARA provides an advantage in printing speed over printers, which use Cartesian ordinates. But at the same time the software for 3D printer SkyOne is much more complicated than for printers constructed according a standard design.

Video of a SCARA mechanism operation

Levers of a SCARA mechanism are made from an aluminium alloy, with a usage of combined journal and thrust bearings, the mechanism is equipped by a unit of automatic backlash eliminating. Rigidity of a coupled SCARA mechanism in vertical direction allows using both 3D printing extruder and engraving-milling head, providing engraving of soft metals or milling plastics.

Aluminium engraving

Plastic case milling

3D Printer 3D Printer engraver

Coupled mechanism SCARA performs high-reliability, avoids the necessity for drawing of drivebelts and adjusting the bearing clearance.

The extruder of 3D printer SkyOne is quick-detachable. That allows quick installation of spindle for milling and engraving operations, or small-size lazer for cutting out sheet material. When using the printer as a milling-engraving machine, the heated platform for 3D printing is replaced by aluminium table with T-shaped gaps, which matches in the best way for securing a processed part.

We offer few types of printing heads with different nozzle size. For models with a large quantity of fine elements and high detalization it is used a nozzle diameter 0.3 mm. For simple functional parts it is better to use a nozzle diameter 1 mm, which greately reduces printing time.

Thereby we can say, that 3D printer SkyOne is a quality technologically strong solution for engineers and developers of electronic equipment, instrumets, professional equipment and for other scientific and technological fields. Preset adjustment for different plastics and intelligent algorithms will help to create the most suitable option set and successfully meet technical challenge of the customer.

Advantages of 3D printer SkyOne are:

We would like to make specific mention of a protective screen, which achieves temperature stabilization of the printing area. So it becomes possible to print with plastics with large coefficient of temperature expansion. The printer construction has a heating controller, which adjust the table temperature automatically. Low noise level make it possible to realize continuous working without disturbing people around.

3D printer SkyOne is a universal, powerfull and handy device for a modern developer. And this tool is available and affordable now. Buy 3D printer SkyOne - means save time and money.

Quickstart guide - unpacking and first steps

3D printer characteristics

  • —  3D printing technology - FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
  • —  Plot area (printing area) 140x190x200mm
  • —  Layer thickness - from 0.1mm
  • —  Filament diameter 1.75mm
  • —  Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
         (optionally available from 0.3mm to 1mm)
  • —  Printing speed 80 mm/s
  • —  Maximum printing speed 120 mm/s
  • —  3D printing software - Repetier-Host
  • —  Supported 3D models file extensions - STL, OB, Simplify 3D

  • Delivery in complete sets

  • —  CNC machine SkyOne
  • —  Table with heating fnction, with glass surface
  • —  Direct extruder with nozzle diameter 0.4mm
  • —  Organic glass protection screen
  • —  One spool of milky color PLA filament
  • —  Lack for the work table surface treatment
  • —  Power cable and USB A-B cable
  • Printer resolution

  • —  Table step along Z axis - 0,0075mm
  • —  Angle step of SCARA operating mechanism is 0.0225 deg or 0°1’21”,
    reduction gradient at working surface X-Y
    axises is givenin the figure below.
  • Printer resolution

    Download easy starting manual (pdf)

    Download slicer settings (.ini file) for different filaments.