FLEX filament

FLEX filament for 3D printer

Filament FLEX is a flexible material with similar to solid silicone properties, which is popular now in a 3D modeling field. Due to its flexibility, FLEX discovered new capabilities in the 3D printing sphere. Just that material make it possible to create high quality items with flexible parts. This plastic doesn't crumble under deformation and retains its properties. These aspects set the FLEX filament apart from ABS and PLA plastics.

Peculiar properties of FLEX filament for 3D printing

Structure of FLEX filament is close to silicone. Characteristic feature of this printing material is its high flexibility. Besides that, FLEX has a variety of advantages, some of them are next:


Usage fields

The usega field of FLEX filament is wide. This material can be called universal. As a rule, the application possibility of a material is closely related to its performance characteristics. High flexibility allows producing of 3D ojects with irregular shapes. Resistance to complex chemical compounds is indispensable in technic spheres. Now flexible 3D printing material is used in medicine, cars, indusrty and in our everyday life. As properties of a resine and silicon became combined, this material turned to be popular in souvenir and playing fields.

Elastic material with a high degree of wearing easily copes with constant dynamic loads. FLEX withstands mechanical processing and is able to retain its properties in a wide range of temperatures.

FLEX filament color:

Physical and mechanical properties of the ABS filament:

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