Advantages of 3D printing

One of the most cogent advantages of 3D printing manufacture - is a possibility to create objects of any complexity. The author just should get creative, invent and draw the future object and create a 3D model of the object. a 3D printer will embody the imagined by the author masterpiece rapidly and without mistakes. Such artistic freedom was duly appreciated designers and artists, this method is convinient, for example, for creation of detailed reduced copies of real buildings, complicated decoration parts.

Another benefit of 3D printing is a possibility to work with a wide range of materials. The most popular in a present-day 3D printing are different types of plastics. However, there are 3D printers for operation woth metals, papers, food and even with organic tissues.

But the most significant advantage, which promotes 3D printing expansion, is simplicity of the printing process and labour intensity reduction of an object creation. For standard manufacturing process of compound objects it is required a whole machine tool holding. The object is manufactured piece by piece and then is assebled into the one whole. With the use of a 3D printer the manufacturing process becomes much more easy and rapid, at a time, all parts are built together, the object can be built as an all-in-one-piece. Instead of a fleet of machines and equipments it is enougth to use only one 3D printer, material and a computer 3D model of the object.

Advantages of 3D printing

One more advantage of 3D printing technology is almost non-waste production. In the process of a classic object production from a workpiecе the extraneous material is chopped and thrown away. In case of using 3D printing technology there is not any workpiece. The material forms the needed object layer by layer at once. The postprocessing is minimum or minimum. Waste is insignificant in comparison with classic production methods.

In such a way, the 3D printing technology, which used to be expensive and experimental in past, became widely used everywhere in very different fields. And 3D printers (which were quite expensive and complicated in past) became popular among basic users and took places globaly.