About new version of the 3D printer SkyOne

Batches of the first edition of 3D printers SkyOne are close to be sold out and the new version of 3D printers is preparing for manufacturing.

Current version of 3D printer

For the next edition of the 3D printyer we put on the list a range of changes, which actually are the result of our current customers (SkyOne users) feedback and desiderates of future buyers, which we communicate at exhibitions.

a photo of SkyOne 3D printer at an exhibition

One of the main factors, which prevents customers from buying a 3D printer SkyOne, is high price. As a consequence, we laid down an aim to decrease the cost of the printer, but without compromising of quality and robustness. It was possible to implement the aim just by means of cancellation of some functionality, which are high-demand just for few of the users: quick extruder and heating table change, engraving and milling capabilities, laser usage, printing area isolation.

There will be the next changes in the second version of 3D printers SkyOne:

Details and parts of the 3D printer

These changes will let us to reduce production costs and concentrate on adding of other necessary functions - autonomous operation, WiFi connection and control via Android and IOS applications

Reviewing the results, the cost of second improved version of the 3D printer should decrease approximately by 25%.