3D printers and 3D printing

3D printers and 3D printing — what, how and why?

3D printer and 3D printing - these concepts become more and more popular and widespread. Let's try to describe briefly the 3D printing process.

3D printing basic principle

3D-printing is a layer by layer production of tridimensional objects, at which minute particulars and layers are added to the creating model. 3D printing is also called additive printing. This method of construction requires adding of a material by small amounts. At the beginning, a first thin layer of a construction material is placed on a an even work surface. The next layer is laid above. So, the layer by layer with the use of 3D printer the intended by an author object is growing up from a suitable material.

At the present time a hefty dose of 3D printers are used for prototyping purposes. As of today 3D printing - the most rapid and convinient way to create a production prototype of the future device for its' proving and testing before serial production start-up. If any defects are found out, it is enough just to correct a 3D model of the object. A 3D printer will print a new version in the shortest time. Such possibility essentially saves time and resources of engineers and developers.

Working models or how to implement a design

In what way the intended by an author object can be implemented by 3D printer? At the beginning the author creates a virtual model of the future object using a special software on a computer. Such tridimensional virtual objects exist just in electronic form and long ago became widespread in image multiplication, designer projects and virtual games. Models for 3D printing can be prepared by oneself on a computer, bought or downloaded for free from internet. The number of available possible options is growing. The ready 3D model of the object is converted to a suitable for the 3D printer format and then transfer to it for further printing, which converts it to a real object layer by layer.